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I am a photographer based near Paris France. I began focusing on wedding and engagement photography about 7 years ago when I saw the possibility of incorporating my photojournalistic style of photography into telling the daylong story of a wedding. In fact I approach every wedding as if I were hired by a magazine to cover a particular topic. The aim is to produce a body of visually narrative photos that make the viewer feel as if he or she were at the event. A wedding is no different. It consists of various distinct moments such as the bride and groom getting ready, the civil and or religious ceremony, the cocktail, dancing etc. These are important parts of the wedding day that come alive on film when photographed in a natural, candid, and unobtrusive manner.

Pre wedding photography in Paris

Aside from my wedding photography I also work for various magazines and public and private institutions. I also love street photography and in particular photographing in the streets of Paris. The architecture in Paris is amazing and serves as a wonderful backdrop for couples dressed in their beautiful pre-wedding attire. It is common that I photograph couples before or after their marriage ceremony in various locations in the city. Places like the Alexander III bridge, the Eiffel tower, on the quai by the Seine, or the Palais Royal are some of my favorite spots. However, often times the best shots arise when least expected, like while sitting at a typical café in Paris.

Pre-Wedding photographer in France

Although based in Paris, I often travel around France and even to other countries to photograph weddings. Europe is small and it’s very easy and quite inexpensive to travel by train or plane. A beautiful region that is only about 3 hours by car from Paris and home to hundreds of exquisite chateaus is the Loire Valley. One of my favorite locations for photography is the Chateau de Reignac which is located near the city of Tours. The south of France also boasts several beautiful regions like Provence, the Cote d’Azur including places like Saint Tropez, Nice, Cannes and Monaco. France’s neighbor Switzerland is also a place that I have frequented for wedding shoots. The beautiful Lake Geneva boasts many incredible locations along its shore such as Geneva, Lausanne, Montreux in Switzerland and Evian in France. As I also speak German, the German speaking side of Switzerland is one of my favorite destinations as a wedding photographer including places like Luzern, Zurich and Bern.

Choosing a wedding photographer

Of course I’m delighted if I were to be your wedding photographer, however, I think it’s important to think about how to choose the person who will record the timeless moments of your wedding day. Of course you need to pay attention to the style of photography that you like best. Do you prefer natural photos where the photographer acts like a fly on the wall during the event, or do you prefer many posed situations. It’s also important to think about how the guests will react to these different kinds of work during the wedding. I firmly believe that meeting the photographer in person is a very important step in choosing the right artist. If you live abroad it’s now easy to go on skype and have a virtual interview. It is very important that there is a good vibe between you and the photographer. This will make his or her job easier and contribute to the quality of the images.

The importance of wedding photography

Based on personal experience while organizing my own wedding, one is confronted with a multitude of time consuming tasks like choosing a caterer, picking out a wedding dress, organizing travel arrangements for guests etc. Sometimes it seems like the photography gets pushed aside as there are so many details involved to just make the event happen. I always point out to couples, however, that their wedding photos will be the only timeless tokens that they have to remember their special day. The wedding dress will be hidden in the closet, the slightly overcooked main course will be forgotten and no guest will ever comment or care that the wedding invitation had a typo.

Have fun

It would be my pleasure to tell your wedding story in pictures. Most importantly, on the big day, try and stay relaxed and have fun!